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Project Management Course Bundles

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Project Management Essentials

  • Initiating a Project 

  • Planning a Project 

  • Executing a Project 

  • Monitoring a Project 

  • Closing a Project

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Project Management Applied 1

  • Project Management Methodologies Part 1 

  • Project Management Methodologies Part 2 

  • Activity and Resource Planning 

  • Organizing and Motivating a Team 

  • Time Management in Projects 

Project Management Applied 2

  • Developing a Budget (Cost Estimating) 

  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction 

  • Managing Project Risk 

  • Monitoring Progress 

  • Producing Reports

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Project Management Mastery

  • Agile in Practice 

  • Kanban in Practice

  • Scrum in Practice

  • Waterfall in Practice 

  • Choosing the Right Project Methodology 

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