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Business Skills Course Bundles

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Coaching Essentials

  • Introduction to Coaching  

  • Using Coaching Models  

  • Asking the Right Questions 

  • The Art of Listening 

  • The Importance of Goal Setting 

Coaching Essentials 2

  • Establishing a Coaching Culture

  • Building Trust and Rapport

  • The Power of Silence

  • Creating Accountability

  • Giving Effective Feedback

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Data Analysis

  • Data Literacy

  • The Power of Big Data

  • Visualizing Data

  • Data Ownership

Data Analysis 2

  • The 5 Cs of Report Writing

  • Developing Research Skills

  • The Basics of Business Writing

  • The Stages of Report Writing: Investigating, Planning, Writing and Revising

  • Report Writing: The Power of Visuals

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Digital Transformation Essentials

  • What is Digital Transformation?

  • Why Do You Need a Digital Culture?

  • The Four Types of Digital Transformation

  • Digital Disruption

  • The Design Thinking Mindset

Digital Transformation Essentials 2

  • What is a Digital Transformation Strategy?

  • The Power of Data Visualization

  • The Impact of Training on Digital Change

  • Leading a Digital Transformation

  • Is Digital Transformation Just Change?

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Finance Essentials

  • The Basics of Financial Management

  • The Flow of Money

  • Key Financial Statements

  • The Importance of Cash Flow

  • The Value of Budgeting

Finance Essentials 2

  • Vulnerable Customers and Finance

  • Financial Risk Management

  • The Basics of Accounting

  • Financial Ratios

  • Financial KPIs - Measuring Performance

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Teamwork Essentials

  • The Power of Teamworking

  • Setting Common Goals

  • Collaboration

  • Communicating Openly

  • Encouraging Different Opinions

Teamwork Essentials 2

  • Celebrating Differences and Diversity

  • Building Trust and Respect

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Dealing with Difficult Personalities

  • Celebrating Success

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